Sunday, August 20, 2006

Ambitious...with the last light!

14"x 18" oil...
Added an extension to my 9"x 12"
Guerrilla portable paint box, which
allows me to paint larger works now,
and of course had to test drive it
right away today.

Worked well...but about halfway thru
this piece (two hours) I was wonderin'
if I'd get it near done with the light
I had startin' to fall behind the
nearby trees. Painting near or over
falls is the best...soothing and at
the same time very challenging with
all its kaleidascope of color in the
various layers of light that reflects
and penetrates.


amber said...

Strong impact i like it

Nina Kuriloff said...

I love the energy in this image!

Larry Seiler said...

thanks is a challenge to suggest that energy of rushing water, but oh how fun to try!