Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Edgar Payne experiment..."Soup"...old apple tree

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5"x 7" oil

I've been studying the works and words
of mid 20th century American master
painter, Edgar Payne...and tonight's
effort was an experiment in what Payne
said was commonly referred to in his
day as "soup"...

"Soup" was to mix up a hue (color) and
then mix a bit of that color into every
color mix used on the palette for the
painting. It is more interpretive and
seeks to establish a mood of nature.
Secondly...by each color mix having a
bit of the colored "soup" it assures
a unity and harmony overall in the

I began with a reddish undertone of the
whole panel, since I sensed reds in the
greens of the trees and slight pinks in
the clouds, then began painting.
In addition, I allow some of the reddish
undertone to show thru in various places
throughout the painting to cause more
unifying strength and what Payne referred
to as a vibration that gave his paintings
great strength and power. I found it
certainly interesting.

Though a very small painting and done the
last hour of the night, I was pleased with
its possibilities and how it turned out as
a study.


Rob Mackintosh said...

Hi Larry, I really like your work. You have a great style with excellent colour and value.
I share your enthusiasm of plein air painting, although I have only done three so far. I enjoy the speed at which I complete the paintings, and I see colour and value the way it should be seen. I did a 2 value flat pencil thumbnail prior to doing the last painting, and I found it helpful for both composition and value, so I think I will carry on doing the pencils first.

Larry Seiler said...

The speed necessary for plein air painting (capturing the effects of light) certainly will make a painter out of an artist. Reason mixed with gut instincts...keep at it!

Thanks Rob...much appreciate your taking time to comment!

william wray said...

As you know I really like this one.

Larry Seiler said...

thanks Bill...much appreciated!

amber said...

Wow glad I found your site love the confidence in your paintings