Sunday, March 26, 2006

Last Light...Last Ice

11"x 14" oil

While I will have a bit of touch up
instudio with this plein air effort
of tonight, I am quite satisfied.
This piece attempted to take on a
lot of drama provided by the end of
the day's last light. I literally
had only one hour's painting time.

That being said every brushstroke
was an attack to get something down
and I didn't have time to soften
edges such as on the contours of the
distant pines. That I'll do instudio,
yet I think these postcard and one
hour paintings shared on this blogspot
has been critical in helping me see
and get a thing down quickly, boldly,
with a confident hand.


Jhodyl12 said...

Hi Larry,

I really like this, especially how well the lighting pushes the background further back and keeps that cool shadow forground close to you. Nice feeling of depth.


Larry Seiler said...

thanks James...
it was one of the "no brainer" moments that had painting written all over the scene. Just needed someone to volunteer to set up and receive what nature was giving out.

appreciate your taking time to comment...thanks

Pavel (artbars) said...

Hi! Remarkable picture Larry!
Was glad to find out this your site :)

Larry Seiler said...

thanks Pavel...nice to hear from you!
Yes...started this blogspot this January as an extra discipline to paint exercises, studies and hopefully grow still more!

So glad you popped in to comment!! Hope things are going well with you!