Saturday, March 04, 2006

Ginty Creek Revisted

oil 11"x 14" plein air

Visited the location this late afternoon where
where I painted not having white several weeks
ago. A gorgeous day, filled with color and
contrast, yet a bit chilly.

Not quite finished, and I will add finishing
touches in studio such as the tag alder to
the right. A gentleman walking his dog
happened along, and insisted I stop over and
he would put on a pot of coffee. He was really
taken by flattery my painting an area he has
lived near all his life. So, being a bit chilled
I took up that offer inclining to finish this
later. It proved a good decision, for this
gentleman owns land and access to some
wonderful property and gave an invitation
to look it over with permission to paint.

The coffee was very good, meeting the
mrs pleasant, and a fitting end to a very
lovely day.

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