Thursday, February 23, 2006

Smoked Chub Partially Eaten

This work for sale on my "Will Paint for Gas"
oil 5" x 7"

Some know that I use a limited palette,
which consists of a French Ultramarine
Blue, W&N Bright Red, a Cadmium Lemon
Yellow, Naples Yellow...and white. I will
use Viridian or thalo green at times to
tweak my blues or vary darks. I mix all
my own darks, do not use black.

Well...I mention that because today's
assignment to myself was to interpret
this chub in a more contemporary
colorfully saturated manner to test how
far I could push color from this palette.
Hope you enjoy it...


Val Cox said...

wow, love those rich, vibrant colors for such a simple object. Great work Larry! Thanks for keeping the site updated, I enjoy looking each day at what you're doing, and the reminder to find beauty in the most ordinary of subjects! Val

Larry Seiler said...

thanks was fun to discover really how unlimiting a limited palette is if handled creatively...appreciate your comments!

Micah R. Condon said...

beautiful! I love the colors and lines - gives the simple fish such an interesting dimension. I've been experimenting with a limited palette lately in my landscape work also

I added your site to my blogroll on my painting blog at

Larry Seiler said...

its all about seeing Micah...and human need and convention can get surprisingly much out of very little, such as making a limited palette work.

Good luck to you...thanks for sharing your site. I'll try and find time to take more than a quick perusal of it.