Saturday, February 18, 2006

Morning's Bite to Eat...

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acrylic 5" x 7"

My son is visiting at the 29th anniversary of
his mother and I, and made us breakfast this
morning. Nice batch of blueberry pancakes,
bacon and eggs.

While eating I couldn't help but think, "my
what a nice painting leaving a morsel of this
on my plate might make!" My wife
anything sitting still for a moment seems in
her mind likely for me to paint it! 8^)


Anonymous said...

Beautifully done, yet so unappetizing at the same time!

Larry Seiler said...

sounds similar to criticisms Sargent received on his Madame X (Madame Gautreau) and the hostility, anger the scandal of the painting caused. Madame X both classy and beautiful yet cheapened nearly a lady of the night the way she was posed and painted.
Looks well done...but as though better had it not been painted.