Sunday, February 12, 2006

Last Light Ginty Creek

Oil 6" x 9" plein air

By the time I arrived to my location to set
up, it was down to five degrees, and only
about two hours paint time left before dark.
After setting up, I was faced with discovering
that I had no white paint with me.

Rather than packing up and heading back home,
I decided to use my Naples yellow as my light
and for tinting...and keep everything relative
in values to that. I was quite pleasantly
surprised with the results, and became rather
obvious to me that this potential bad moment
might prove to be revelational. I think the
work is quite emotive and expressive, and plan
to paint quite a bit more without or with very
little white paint. Lovely I think...


Val Cox said...

Beautiful! Val

Larry Seiler said...

haha..thanks Val, much appreciated! What at first struck me as undaunting became instead a delightful experience!

Anonymous said...

Larry, this is truly an EXCELLENT painting! If someone had told me that Scott Christensen had done this I would have believed them. Extremely masterful.