Sunday, February 05, 2006

Just Checkin in...

Fightin' a nasty cold/virus right now...for the
past two weeks. Hope I'm finally gettin' over it.
Just want to thank everyone for takin' interest
in my blog and work here.

I bought some snow crab legs and smoked fish
today, which should give you an idea just what
might show up next or soon for my incidental/
postcard sized paintings!

Also...if you get a chance, I've replaced and
added many recent plein airs on my regular
artist's website and confess that it has been
awhile since I have done that. Do check it
out. Until the next painting entree...!
Take care...


Val Cox said...

Get well soon Larry. Checking your blog is part of my daily routine, as I'm sure it is for we'll be patient with the updates as long as you keep painting! Val

Larry Seiler said...

thanks Val...

my wife is sending me to my room/studio to paint some crab legs before they go bad!

Taking my medicine and trying to rest!