Monday, February 20, 2006

Cccold Day Plein Airin'!

oil 12"x 16" plein air

This was painted this afternoon following
our coldest weekend of the winter. Warming
up to a whopping 11 degrees, I just had to
get out and paint. Not totally finished
but for those following my blog, want you
to get a sense of what I do and that I was
painting today.

I wont' have much to touch up, but when
done I'll upload it to my regular artist's

This was another experiment following my
forgetting my white paint a little over a
week ago..this time painting intentionally
with very little to no white paint.
How does one dress to do this?'s
yours truly!!! :)


Val Cox said...

beautiful...I can feel the cold from here. Your limitation of colors seems to be working perfectly for you! Looking great! Val

Larry Seiler said...

thanks Val..appreciate hearing from my number one fan!!