Sunday, January 29, 2006

Wintry Day Road plein air

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Still in my plein air box, 9"x 12" oil...
Pleasant conditions painting outdoors today, a bit
blistery so I sat in the back of my pickup's capper
top with the tailgate down.

I had several vehicles driving by thinking I was
broke down asking if I needed help, some passed
by in disbelief that some guy was painting out in
the middle of northern nowhere Wisconsin! hahaha


Jan Blencowe said...

Is this a new blog!!? I have "plein air" set as the key word for my watchlist and your blog came up on the first page. (That's really good in the blogging world) Everything looks wonderful here. Very cool that you posted a pic of Wintry Road still in the G-box really adds something I think for folks to see it still wet on the easel so to speak, gives it authenticity and authority. Best of luck with the e-bay sales!!


Larry Seiler said... this January. After reading Hugh Hewitt's book, "Blog- Understanding the Information Reformation That's Changing Your World" I figured I was missing something pretty foundational to current times.

Nice to hear it came up. Watch list, huh? I've got some things to learn! Thanks Jan..appreciate your commenting! Yeah, I thought seeing the painting in the box brought a personal reality that...yes, indeed these are painted on the fly in the moment.
take care


Katherine said...

Nice painting Larry - it looks really really cold!

rob ijbema said...

fantastic Larry,
my kind of Larry painting
great atmosphere and economy of means,
love the frame (;