Thursday, December 15, 2016

Retired from Classroom, Wanting to Move work...This on Auction!

As the title suggests, I want to make room in my home studio and storage area.  I was quite prolific over the years, didn't have the time to pursue gallery visitations to secure, though I have a few.

This past summer, I drew the ire of folks on social media (Facebook) for having a burn pile.  I'm not the only artist that has done this, often to get rid of work an artist doesn't feel represents their current quality of work, but in my case...its just been that I have painted much while teaching.

So...I will be offering what I hope are some small gems, picking up an order of shipping flats.  This is a gouache, image is 4"x 8"...and as is often the case with gouache work among artists and illustrators, we tend to pencil in a title beneath the work in the board or cardstock, date, and sign.

I believe the work's charm would be kept to frame it as such.  Gouache is an opaque watercolor, and as such should be framed with a protective glass.  Check out the auction I have going on this piece right now at Daily Paintworks...starting bid at just $30...

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